P&N Pawn Shop is here to provide a variety of services. From Fast cash private Loans to Great Deals on new and used merchandise. We Buy, Sell, Trade and Loan. We buy Gold and silver. Any and all forms, broke small or large. Always buying Coins, Bullion, Estates or Large collections, Diamonds and Jewelry. We will Buy or loan on Lawn and Garden equipment, Cars, motorcycles, atv's, tools, electronics, games, game systems and so much more! We are a Gold and Silver Dealer. Music store. Coin shop. Bud-K dealer. Firearms dealer. Chamber of commerce member and so much more.

P&N is a family owned and operated Pawn Shop. Founded by Sue Firebaugh and her son Christopher Firebaugh. Sue is a 2nd generation pawnbroker following in the footsteps of her mother Nancy Hodges and step father Cal Hodges who established Cal's Pawn Shop in Arkansas in 1986 until the late 90's when they sold all and retired. Christopher is a 3rd generation pawnbroker following in both grandparents footstep as his other grand parents Pearl and Benton Firebaugh help establish a large chain of pawnshops in Northern Indiana until they retired in 2009. After working with Pearl and Benny for many years when they retired Christopher branched off to a partnership in his own shop until 2013 when he sold his portion and he and his mother joined to Create P&N Pawn Shop together named after Pearl and Nancy. There goal is to provide helpful services in a variety of areas at the best rates and best deals. Weather you need fast cash. Getting rid of old jewelry or stuff you never use. Or just want to treat yourself to something nice. P&N where you have trusted friends in the Business! In God We Trust.



1842 w Jefferson

Plymouth indiana